Structural engineering embodies the important work that forms the foundation and strength of any given man-made structure. Every house, skyscraper, bridge, stage, stadium, oil rig, and functional wall needs engineering support to remain functional. Structural engineering, therefore, is incorporated into every building for either:

  • New construction
  • Repair plans
  • Modification

Amphion provides knowledgeable and experienced engineers who determine that a structure is safe and functional, and will remain so, well into the future.


An exterior walls may look impressive, but the skeletal structure of the building, hidden away, is what keeps the entire structure upright, whether it’s made of steel, concrete or wood.

Structural engineering has made a study of the best ways to keep buildings and bridges from collapsing, thus ensuring everyone’s safety. Amphion’s professionals are highly regarded for their consulting work on construction projects. Their insight and skills have contributed to many successfully completed buildings which are safer and more functional.


In addition to construction engineering for new installations, structural engineers also provide support for:

  • Damage assessment engineering- Amphion provides the testing and inspection necessary to determine the extent of damage from accident or disaster.
  • Repair engineering- Amphion will develop critical specifications for your company which enable reliable repair projects to be completed.

Buildings and other structures undergo tremendous stress in the course of their lifetimes. That stress, as well as degradation from the elements, damages existing structures — sometimes to the point of making them unsafe. When repair work is required, both damage assessment and repair designs must be completed before any physical work can be done.


Amphion prides itself on its highly-trained staff of structural engineering professionals. Each member of our team has passed demanding examinations to gain impressive certifications. In addition to the training and degrees the team has earned, they collectively have more than 200 years of experience.


Amphion’s analytical engineers can contribute to your project from beginning to end. Whether you’re starting a construction project or a repair project, you need an engineering assessment to efficiently facilitate the direction and design of your building project. At Amphion, safety is priority number one.

Contact Amphion to hire the best and brightest structural engineers.  Amphion engineers will meet your all your functional goals while staying within your budget.