John Whitledge

John W. Whitledge

Amphion Analytical Engineering, P.A.

April 2009-Present

Senior ASNT Level II Technician

John Whitledge has worked as a Nondestructive Testing Technician at Amphion Analytical Engineering, P.A. for 9 years. He has over 21 years of experience in various methods of performing nondestructive testing (NDT) and other mechanical integrity inspections for a wide variety of industries and applications.

In addition to providing inspections, detailed reporting, and quality control services to numerous clients throughout the years, he is also a valued team leader and project coordinator.

John is certified as an ASNT Level II Technician in magnetic particle (MT), liquid penetrant (PT), ultrasonic (UT), and radiography testing.

Work Experience

Safety Reliability Integrity Service 

Various Clients, United States

Performed numerous mechanical integrity inspections on aboveground storage tanks and pressure vessels at various chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and processing plants. Has extensive experience in various nondestructive testing methods.

Tire Manufacturing Industry 

Various Clients, United States

Traveled extensively during the past 9 years performing NDT inspections for the tire manufacturing industry throughout the United States. In addition to conducting testing and preventive maintenance in multiple plants, provided inspection, reports, and oversees repairs on pressure vessels and tire curing for large tire manufacturers. Also provided structural work on overhead conveyors and other equipment used in the tire manufacturing industry.

Performed UT on remaining main shafts in various tire plants through multiple states after a catastrophic failure occurred on the main shaft of a tire press. Examined all remaining main shafts for fatigue cracking. Serves as a leader and frequently assists in coordinating operational details for various inspections and projects.

NDT within the Power Industry 

Various Clients, United States

Has performed various forms of NDT for the power industry. For example, provided x-ray inspection on process piping and both MT and PT on turbine fan blades.

NDT within the Chemical Industry 

Various Clients, United States

Experienced in providing various forms of NDT inspection of Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, and Process Piping nationwide for various clients in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Army Corps of Engineers 

Various Clients, United States

Served as the Hurricane Response Safety Coordinator in multiple states.

John W. Whitledge


  • High School Diploma, Stratford High, Goose Creek, South Carolina 1985

Years of Experience

Total – 21 years

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified ASNT Level II in MT, PT, and UT